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Acoustic Spirit & We The Living

New Singles

Out Now!

Check out the latest singles here from my upcoming album, Dreaming The Life.
It's an earthy acoustic-sounding album with full band instrumentation, feel-good melodies and meaningful lyrics.
I've just released the Limited Edition Advance CD, which I always suggest if you prefer premium sound quality.
Time is Now & Arise


The debut album by Darius Lux, featuring a full band sound of soaring soulful rockin' urban pop music, combined with inspiring messages of persevering gracefully through challenges.



This recent album by Darius is purely acoustic vocals and guitar.  Together with loving and soulful lyrics, this album is an intimate listening experience that soothes and uplifts. With covers of John Mayer, Iz & Otis Redding.



The 3rd full band album from Darius Lux, featuring a mix of energetic pop and rock music, along with some folky and downtempo tunes, all carrying Darius' encouraging lyrical messages, with covers of Sting and Seal.

VIDEOS for album tracks

A behind the scenes interview about "Acoustic Spirit & Soul," with live outdoor performances of originals "Every Single Moment," "Fly Away," "Kick It With You," + John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change". 

The  official music video for this self-titled album and anthemic song "We The Living," filmed in San Francisco.

Full recording available online.

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A 6-track EP of all original tunes, with some of Darius Lux's harder-hitting pop/rock sounds, laced with empowering lyrics and street corner philosophy.

VIDEOS for album tracks

GOING VIRAL:  A professional music video story for "Way That It Goes," shot in Hollywood, CA. Full recording online.

An informal video of "Listen" taken at the Seattle Center for Spiritual Living with their house band. Full recording online.

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